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Welcome to Biblio

We are excited to introduce you to the comprehensive features

Enhanced Cataloging and Discoverability

Advanced Search

Make use of simple and advanced search options that allow users to locate resources quickly and easily

Support for Standards

Our platform supports comprehensive, accurate cataloging

Automated ISBN and ISSN lookup

Simplify your search with automated ISBN and ISSN lookups, facilitating immediate access to a vast array of books and periodicals.

Dynamic Collection Management

Diverse Collection Types

Manage multiple types of resources, from books and CDs to digital files.

Efficient Stock Management

Easily track item status, perform stock takes, and handle item replacements.

Label and Barcode Printing

Maintain a well-organized library with convenient label and barcode printing for all items

Flexible Circulation and Loan Management

Customized Loan Periods

We offer customizable loan periods based on membership type, making borrowing more flexible for users

Streamlined Reservation System

Our easy-to-use booking system allows quick reservations for sought-after resources

Fine and Overdue Management

Manage and prevent overdue loans with an efficient fine management system.

Interactive Catalog

Responsive Design

Our web-based catalog is responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate on any device

Customizable Interface

Tailor the interface to suit your preferences, ensuring a unique, enjoyable user experience

Book Cover Previews

Visual previews of book covers help users find and select books more intuitively

Comprehensive Reporting and Statistics

Detailed Reports

Gain insights into your library’s performance with detailed statistical reports on loans, collection items, and membership

Loan History Tracking

Monitor borrowing trends and user behaviors with thorough loan history reports

Unmatched System Administration

Roles and Permissions

Maintain full control of your library with customizable user roles and permissions

Multi-language Support

Make your library accessible to all, thanks to our platform's multi-language support

Data Security

Rest easy knowing your data is safe with our database backup and optimization features

Value-added Features

Serials and Periodicals Management

Easily manage regular periodicals and serials, ensuring your users never miss an issue

Digital Library Module

Offer digital files like e-books, research papers, and dissertations

Content Enrichment

Enrich bibliographic content with additional information from Google Books, Open Library, etc.