SciAut Intranet

SciAut Intranet's features

We are excited to introduce you to the comprehensive features

Streamlined Communication

Live News Feed

Stay ahead with real-time school news, ensuring everyone's always in the loop

Private Messaging

Foster direct, instant connections between staff and teachers

Instant Notifications

Never miss out on essential updates. Stay informed effortlessly

Engaging Forums

Drive dynamic discussions and foster a thriving school community

Enhanced Collaboration & Efficiency

Project Tools

Effortlessly orchestrate projects, channeling clarity from start to finish

File Sharing

Seamlessly distribute resources, ensuring everyone gets what they need, when they need it

Interactive Calendar

Master the school's rhythm with events, exams, and vital dates at everyone's fingertips

Insightful Polls

Harness the power of collective opinion. Make decisions that resonate

Seamless Administration

Comprehensive User Directory

Access everyone's details instantly. Organized, updated, and handy

Tailored User Profiles

Dive deeper into individual roles, making coordination a breeze

Robust Access Control

Precision in content accessibility, ensuring the right eyes see the right content

Attendance Mastery

Simplify tracking, recording a richer picture of school dynamics

Elevated Learning Experience

Integrated E-Learning

Expand horizons with engaging online courses

Digital Assignment Hub

Streamline submissions, making learning more fluid and dynamic

Transparent Grades & Reports

Open channels of progress insights, fostering growth.

Resource Oasis

A treasure trove of materials, ensuring no student is ever resource-starved

Vibrant Community Building

Diverse Groups & Clubs

A melting pot for passions, interests, and collaboration

Event Showcasing

Elevate school happenings, making every event a landmark

Vivid Galleries

Celebrate moments and milestones with rich visual storytelling

Recognition & Rewards

Cherish achievements, motivating continued excellence

Tailored Brand Experience

Distinctive Branding

A platform that feels like home, reflecting the school's spirit

Adaptive Designs

Flexibility in aesthetics, ensuring the platform is always at its best

Expandable Features

Adapt and grow with a suite of extensions, meeting every evolving need

Fortified Trust & Safety

Guarded Privacy

Peace of mind, knowing school data remains shielded

Reliable Backup Systems

Prepared for the unexpected, ensuring data resilience

Robust Security Protocols

A sanctuary from threats, ensuring a smooth sailing experience