SciAut Reservation

Welcome to Réservation

We are excited to introduce you to the comprehensive features

User Experience and Interface

Intuitive Dashboard

A clean, simple dashboard that displays all relevant booking information at a glance.

Mobile Compatibility

Ensure the platform can be accessed and used on various devices.

Multi-language Support

Cater to a diverse user base with multiple languages.

Booking Features

Recurring Bookings

Allow users to book rooms or equipment for recurrent sessions like weekly or monthly

Time Slots

Pre-defined booking intervals for ease of scheduling.

Block Bookings

Reserve multiple rooms or equipment at the same time.

Interactive Calendar View

Visual representation of booked and available slots


In case a slot is already booked, allow users to join a waiting list

School-specific Features

Classroom Layout Preview

Showcase how each room is arranged.

Equipment Details

Detailed description, photos, and quantity available

Special Requests Feature

For teachers or staff who need additional setups or resources

Blackout Dates

Block out specific days or periods (like holidays or maintenance days)

Access Control and Security

Role-based Access

Different permissions based on user roles (teacher, admin, janitorial staff, etc.)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrate with school systems to allow one-click access.

Audit Trails

Keep track of all booking actions for accountability.

Notifications and Communication

Automated Email/SMS Reminders

Send reminders for upcoming bookings

Booking Confirmations

Immediate notifications upon successful booking

Cancellation Alerts

Notify users if a slot they booked or were waitlisted for becomes available

Analytics and Reports

Utilization Reports

Understand which rooms or equipment are used the most/least

Feedback Mechanism

Let users provide feedback on rooms or equipment to help in maintenance or improvements

Financial Reports

If there's any payment involved, get a detailed breakdown of transactions

Integration and Customization

API Access

Allow schools to integrate with their existing software systems

Theme Customization

Match the platform's look with the school's branding

Plug-ins and Extensions

Allow third-party tools or additional functionalities to be integrated seamlessly

Support and Training

Onboarding Tutorials

Walk users through the booking process with video tutorials or step-by-step guides

24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated support for any issues or queries

Knowledge Base

A library of FAQs and troubleshooting guides

Financial and Billing

Internal Billing System

If rooms or equipment come at a charge, allow internal billing within departments

Discounts for Off-Peak

Provide incentives for booking during less popular hours

Payment Gateway Integration

For any external or third-party payments