What Defines Us ...


Who we are?

In a world of perpetual transformation, the digital transition is more than ever a reality that imposes itself on everyone. However, not everyone has the necessary means to embark on the technological train that is constantly moving forward. SCIENCE AUTREMENT, from the acronym of the names of its founders, aims to make accessible the boarding ticket on this technological train and to offer the necessary services for the comfort of all during the journey.

SCIENCE AUTREMENT is specialized in digital solutions and data analysis. We are the maker of many digital solutions for universities and companies. We are innovators who are constantly making life suitable for solving any kind of business problem.

Our GoalWe Create Innovative Solutions
to Empower Businesses Around the World

Our main focus is to deliver high-quality and scalable digital solutions. We focus our diligent coding abilities and integrate the latest development trends, and best practices available in the industry to meet our Client needs. We love simplicity and intuitiveness, so all of our solutions are user-centric and designed to be Front End friendly.


Our Vision

“Empowering the future of education through digital innovation.”

At SciAut, we envision a world where education is seamlessly integrated with technology. A realm where every student, educator, and institution benefits from tools that amplify learning, streamline processes, and foster global connectivity.

Our Mission

“To deliver unparalleled digital solutions tailored for the educational landscape.”

We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge platforms that resonate with the unique needs of schools and universities. Every product we craft is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and user experience.

Our Talents

  1. Innovation: At SciAut, we don’t just keep pace with the digital age; we aim to be trailblazers. Our team is constantly pushing boundaries, ensuring our products are at the forefront of technological advancement.
  2. User-Centric Design: Understanding our audience’s needs is paramount. We design solutions that are intuitive, efficient, and catered to the educational community.
  3. Global Connectivity: Our platforms aren’t just tools; they’re bridges. Bridges that connect students, educators, and institutions on a global scale, fostering collaboration and shared learning.
  4. Sustainability: We are deeply committed to crafting solutions that are sustainable and eco-friendly. In a digital age, we ensure reduced paper usage and promote green initiatives through our platforms.

At SciAut, we aren’t just creating digital solutions; we are sculpting the future of education. Our foundation is built on innovation, our drive is powered by passion, and our products mirror our dedication to excellence. As we stand at the intersection of education and technology, we invite you to join our journey, witnessing a digital revolution tailored for academia.

We look forward to upgrading and taking your business or institution to the next level: the numeric one!