Elevate Your Online Course Experience with SciAut LMS

Transform the way you teach and learn with SciAut LMS – a dynamic online course platform designed to empower schools, institutions, and businesses to offer enriching online training and courses

Powerful Features to Revolutionize Learning

Custom Course Creation

Easily design and deploy interactive courses tailored to your audience

Interactive Learning Tools

Engage learners with quizzes, forums, and multimedia content

User Management

Simplified enrollment and administration for all users

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor progress and performance with detailed insights

Mobile Learning

Access courses on-the-go from any device


Your data protected with top-tier security measures


Effortlessly accommodate any number of users


Brand your learning platform to reflect your institution or company

Why Choose SciAut LMS ?

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Flexible Pricing for Every Institution


  • Ideal for small institutions looking to explore online education
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FCFA 5 000 FCFA65000
  • Perfect for medium-sized organizations requiring advanced features
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  • Custom solutions for large institutions with bespoke needs
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users are taking advantage of our Task Manager Tool. It’s a new transparent and efficient way to organize all of your daily tasks.

Integrate Top Work Tools

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